Stylish and comfortable clothes for girls


  • Bodysuits

    Cotton bodysuits with cool patterns.

  • Shirts

    Shirts from fun and cool fabrics.

  • Jumpers

    Jumpers from cool cotton fabrics.

  • Bottoms

    Cotton leggings, joggers and shorts.

  • Skirts

    Pretty and stylish cotton skirts.

  • Dresses

    Colorful, comfortable and stylish dresses.

  • Vests

    Fun, stylish and comfortable vests.

  • Jackets

    Cute and fuzzy two sided jackets. 

  • Jumpsuits

    Comfortable and fun jumpsuits for little ones.

  • Hats

    Colorful and comfortable cotton hats. 

  • Scarves

    Colorful cotton scarves and tube scarves.

  • Sleepwear

    Cute and comfortable cotton sleepwear for long naps. 

  • Baby blankets

    Cute and soft cotton blankets for babies. 

  • Accessories

    Cute products to surprise your small princess. 

There are 134 products.
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Amy Leggings

Stylish light pink leggings with glittery golden dots and violet bow.

19,90 €
In Stock
Lulu Amy Dress

Stylish light pink dress with glittery golden dots and Lulu the Hippo dancing in front.

29,90 €
In Stock
Amy Headband

Cute headband with big pink bow for little fashionistas.

14,90 €
In Stock
Dress Kelly

Stylish and girly dress with many skirt layers. 

29,90 €
In Stock
Sweet Mia Skirt

Perfect summer skirt with pockets for little princess.

15,12 € 18,90 € -20%
In Stock
Sweet Mia Shirt

Perfect summery shirt with pink flowy sleeves for little princess.

20,90 €
In Stock
Sweet Mia Bodysuit

Playful and comfortable cotton bodysuit. 

18,90 €
In Stock
Sweet Mia Summer Hat

Comfy and oh soo cute cotton summer hat with little ears.

10,97 € 12,90 € -15%
In Stock
Sweet Mia Baby Scarf

Trendy baby scarf or dribble bib from cotton fabric.

9,90 €
In Stock
Bunny Jete Dress

Cute princess dress with flowy back.

29,90 €
In Stock
Bunny Jete Bag

Every little girls favourite - cute Bunny handbag with pair of adorable pink ears.

18,90 €
In Stock
Paula and Paulita Dress

Comfortable and warm purple dress with cute bunnies.

28,90 €
In Stock
Bunny Johanna Vest

Light-pink bunny vest with hood and bunny ears is so cute that you just can go without it. 

34,90 €
In Stock
Bunny Johanna Joggers

Light pink cotton joggers with cutest green and red bunnies. 

23,90 €
In Stock
Lucy and Lucita Dress for...

Comfortable and warm dress with adorable hugging sloths.

69,90 €
In Stock