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  • Soccer Hat
    Soccer Hat

    Comfortable soccer themed beanie hat from cotton fabric. 

    13,90 €
  • Soccer Tube Scarf
    Soccer Tube Scarf

    Comfortable tube scarf from cotton fabric picturing football. 

    13,90 €
  • Amy Hat
    Amy Hat

    Comfortable beanie hat from pink cotton fabric with gold glitter. 

    13,90 €
  • Amy Tube Scarf
    Amy Tube Scarf

    Comfortable tube scarf from pink cotton fabric with golden princess...

    13,90 €

Panda Jacket

Cute, warm and fuzzy - our jacket that you can wear two ways.

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46,90 €

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Stylish jumper suitable for boys and girls. If you choose panda side you will also have fun pockets to hind things in. Soft and fuzzy side has cute panda ears on the hood.

Suitable outdoors with milder weather or with colder weather under vest or windbreaker.

Fabric consistency:

Panda side: 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Fuzzy side: 100% polyester.

Fabrics have Oeko-Tex certificate. 

If you need help with choosing the right size, please look at sizing guide or contact us.